I write the words that make your cash register ring!

Most businesses struggle to explain what makes them unique.  I help business owners, sales professionals, and thought leaders increase their cash flow and grow their influence by writing emails, sales letters, landing pages, and lead magnets using the power of story.


Can You Relate?

Do you struggle getting your message heard?

Do you use too much industry jargon when you write?

Do you wish you knew how to break one blog post into multiple social media posts?

Do you know how to make your product or service exciting to your prospects?

Do you lack the time (or the willingness) to write quality copy for your business?

Darren Bayne: Your Guide to Delivering a
Compelling Message

Writing is hard.  You have all these ideas in your head, but you aren’t sure how to organize those ideas to convince prospects to buy what you offer.  I understand how it feels to look at a blank sheet of paper and wonder how to start.

You know your business inside and out.  You work hard on your craft.  Nobody should have to experience poor sales because writing is not one of your strengths.

That’s where I can help.  You can leverage my writing skills to tell your prospects how doing business with you will make their lives better.  Throw off the burden of writing your emails, sales letters, and lead magnets.  Put it on me; my burden is light.


Marketing is not about closing a sale; it's about opening a relationship.

Mike Kim

What You Can Get

Email Copy

Keep in touch with your customers and prospects with regular communication and offers.

Landing Pages

Show your prospects the next step. Encourage them to take action.

Sales Letters

You know your customers. You know the objections they raise. Answer them early to increase your sales.

The Process

Schedule your "Borrow My Brain" Session

We Formulate your Personalized Copy Plan

I Write the Copy to Grow Your Sales and Profits

We Launch your Copy in the Marketplace

Get A Quick Win!  See if you have bought into any of these email myths…

People buy products only after they read words that make them want to buy those products.

Donald Miller, StoryBrand


Let's work


I promise you will never find another copywriter who will care more about you and your family, or who will be more deeply committed to the success of your business. 

If we work together, there’s nothing within reason we can’t accomplish.

I have the heart of a teacher with the soul of a salesman. 

Let me put that to work for you.

What You Should Expect of Darren as a Copywriter

Show Up On Time

You deserve to work with someone you can trust. Your time is valuable. I show up when I promised.

Finish Projects On Deadline

The words you hire me to write fit into a bigger plan for your business. I respect your timeline and will deliver on schedule.

Write Great Copy

The finished product will meet your standards. You expect me to listen to your needs and deliver. I will.

Solve a problem for people before you try to sell them something.

Ray Edwards

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