Helping Busy Professionals Make Smart Choices With Their Money

Most families wonder if they’ll have enough money to accomplish their 7 great financial goals in life.  We have a process that helps you sort, shape up, and stretch your finances so you have peace of mind about your money.

Experience gained from great institutions like…

Controlling Your Money Should Not Be A Mystery

If you think “I’ve waited too long so I’ll never catch up financially”…

If you’re frustrated by conflicting money advice you hear from friends and the media…

If you are so overwhelmed by the financial planning process that you’ve not started anything…

If you wish you had someone to explain money in plain English, not financial mumbo-jumbo…

If you crave a trusted advisor that cares about you instead of viewing you as a piggy bank…

You’ve come to the right place.

You want your money questions solved.  Using our S.O.L.V.E.D. framework, you will feel confident about your direction.

What is the S.O.L.V.E.D. framework?

      • Safeguard what you have worked for
      • Orchestrate your current money items so they work together
      • Leverage your credit properly
      • Vanquish any financial product that does not fit your plan
      • Expand your ability to help others
      • Diversify so you aren’t reliant on any one thing

The Process

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Get Your Money Questions S.O.L.V.E.D.

Enjoy Peace of Mind While Living Your Life

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Money questions ALWAYS have two answers.
The other is EMOTIONAL.

Darren Bayne

How You Will Feel When We Are Done

When your personalized money plan is in place, you’ll experience:

      • Relief knowing you’ve thought about and know what to do when a crisis hits
      • Confidence that your plan fits your needs even if it doesn’t look like what the “talking heads” say
      • Understanding of what the real levers of money are and how you are using them
      • Trust in your new knowledge so you don’t make detrimental decisions
      • Peace that you are prepared for whatever life throws at you

All this starts with your first “Borrow My Brain” session.

Darren Bayne: Your Guide to Training Your Money To Behave

Leverage Darren’s 17 years in banking, financial advice, and mortgage in making great choices with your money.

I know the frustration of wanting common sense answers to your questions.

That’s why you pay me for my advice, not for a commission on a product.  You can trust I will understand your values and make recommendations to reach your goals.


Let's work


My commitment to the clients who choose to work with me is simple:  I’m going to care more about you, and be more personally devoted to your financial success, than anyone in the world who doesn’t have your last name.

If we work together, there’s nothing within reason we can’t accomplish.