I never realized just how scared my wife was to spend the night alone with just her and our girls in the house.

Years ago, my work took me out of town.  I’d leave on Monday morning and get back home Friday night.

We lived in an extremely safe neighborhood.  The only bad things that ever happened were juvenile pranks and the occasional speeder.

But my wife barely slept while I was gone.

She just never said anything about it.  So I thought things were fine.

When we moved to a different part of town, she wanted to feel safe.  Even though I wasn’t traveling anymore and was home every night.

She needed an alarm system to feel protected.

So I started researching alarm systems.  

Here’s how our relationship works:  I research things and narrow it down to 3 choices.  She decides which of the options makes the most sense to her.

So after each of us did our part, we went with a SimpliSafe system.

It satisfied our requirements of great value, easy setup, and trusted monitoring.

Once I’d installed the system, I could see stress leave her body.  She now felt safe.

Now I want to spread that same safe feeling my wife now enjoys.

So I’m recommending you get a SimpliSafe system so you don’t have to worry about bad guys breaking into your home without you knowing it.

And I’ve made sure you get a better deal through this link than you would just going on their website.

You get 45% off a new SimpliSafe system plus free camera with professional monitoring.

Just click here to get this special pricing.  

And yes I will earn a commission if you buy a system.  But you save more money through this offer than you would if you don’t.  So we both win.

You can sleep better knowing you have an extra barrier keeping you and your family safe.

Loyally yours,

Darren Bayne

P.S.  Don’t let fear dictate your nights – secure your home with SimpliSafe now.

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