When Asking For Ketchup Earned Me The Side-Eye

Nine empty ketchup packets on a Wendy's sandwich wrapper.

So I stopped at Wendy’s for lunch.  Went inside to eat in the dining room.

I ordered my usual #6 combo (Spicy Chicken Sandwich [no lettuce, no tomato] with fries and a sweet tea).

Then I moved left to let others order their meals.

Now some background info is needed for the next part.

I really like ketchup with this meal.  For the fries, of course.  But also for the sandwich.

I purposefully don’t ask for ketchup on the Spicy Chicken Sandwich so I can control the ketchup-to-chicken ratio when I take each bite.

Because food ratios are key in maximizing meal enjoyment.

Normally, I get 5 paper cups of ketchup from the dispenser at Wendy’s.  You know, the ketchup dispenser over to the side where you’d find the napkins, straws, and utensils.

The ketchup dispenser wasn’t working, so asking for ketchup packets was on my mind when my order was ready.

The Wendy’s associate called my name (“Daran” according to my ticket) and thrusted a bag of food to me.

I asked for some ketchup.

The box holding packets was empty at the front counter.

So she had to go to the drive-thru window to get some more.  She came back with a handful of them.

But she drops just 2 ketchup packets in my bag.


To flavor a whole Spicy Chicken Sandwich and medium fries.

So in my nicest voice I ask, “May I have 6 or 7 ketchup packets?”

And that’s when I got hit with the SIDE-EYE.

You know what I’m talking about.

She moved her head to the left while keeping her eyes on me.

The look screamed “Why do you need so much ketchup?”.

It’s like she was wondering “What could you POSSIBLY need with that many packets?  Is this guy going to sell some of it to other fancy-tomato-paste-loving people?”

But she s l o w l y moved her hand to my bag and dropped everything she had into it.

I thanked her and found a place to sit.

After saying grace, I opened the bag and started getting out my food.

Unwrapped the Spicy Chicken Sandwich (no lettuce, no tomato).

Brought out the carton of fries.

And then I dumped the ketchup packages on the table.

I had to count them.  To see how my lunch feast would turn out.

After first getting just two, I counted 9 glorious ketchup packages ready to make my Wendy’s experience complete.

All nine of those ketchup packages gave their lives to make me happy.

My number 6 combo was delicious.


But it got me thinking…

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