Darren holding blue bag of Sadie dog poop_darren bayne

I Swore I Would Never Pick Up Dog Poop

When we adopted Sadie three years ago, I swore the only thing I wouldn’t do is clean up her dog poop.

I was wrong.

You see me proudly holding a blue bag of her ‘leftovers’.

How did I get to this point?


Sadie isn’t the perfect dog.  She is the perfect dog for our family.

She brings us a joy we never knew we were missing.

We love her.

And when you love someone (or a cute canine), you do everything you can for them.

Do I enjoy picking up her poop?


But will I do it?

Of course!

Yes, it’s disgusting.  But it makes the world a better (and less smelly) place.

You can do the same.

Look for ways to be a blessing to others.

Even if you have to show up with an empty blue bag in your hand!

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